Who we are

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We are a Swiss company.

Our little company is based in Switzerland (we are therefore under Swiss Laws), and we sell servers worldwide. Our servers are in multiple locations, for now essentially in Europe: Switzerland, Germany, France.

  • The company has been created in 2020 and is still pretty new to the market.
  • We are always trying to use the latest available systems, hardware and software.
  • Our team is small, but we'll always try to help you as fast as we can! Always!
  • This whole structure allows us to maintain human interaction (no chatbots) with our customers.

Powerful platform

Always updating

We make the difference by keeping up all the time. We're always working on our machines, website and everything around.

Raw power

We always strive to improve our products and ensure that they have the highest level of quality.


With us, you are safe. All your data is safe.

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Sevral locations

3 countries, 5 Locations

We have machines in 3 countries, Switzerland, Germany, Finland. With 2 locations in Switzerland, 2 locations in Germany and 1 location in Finland, we are making a difference.

Strict privacy policy

We secure your data in these 3 countries with very strict privacy policies.