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Whatever your idea is, work on our robust platform.

VPS/VDS, Minecraft, Website, Factorio. We host anything!

99.5% Uptime

And if we have any issues, we'll directly get in touch with you!

High quality machines

We are working with top tier machines. You will see the difference.

Game hosting

Want to test out a top tier infrastructure on your game servers? Try us!

More Secured

We have rigorous policies for security on our servers. Your data is safe.

Awesome Support

We use mainly Discord as a platform, so it's easier to have a live chat! You can also open support tickets.

Custom offers

When you grow, we will work on custom offers for you!

Pricing plans


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Website Hosting

The best web hosting ever built

Starting at


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VPS/VDS Hosting

The ideal solution for larger systems

Starting at


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Game Hosting

Run your games smoothly

Starting at


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For sites with thousands of users, we have custom solutions.

We have effective solutions, even for sites hosted on platforms like WordPress.

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Customised hosting

We have a lot of solutions for you, contact us and we will find a solution adapted to your needs. If you are unhappy with your current host, you will see the difference.

The services we offer can be of any kind, clustered database, streaming platform, ...

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Hosting of sensitive data

We have solutions for sensitive data, we can apply different layers of security to prevent data loss in case of failure.

With the ability to save it to multiple locations, you won't lose your data anymore. (Z├╝rich, Siebenhitz, Nuremberg, Helsinki)

  • Secure
  • High performance
  • Easy management panel

A brief overview of our features:

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Easy Management Panel

All our servers come with an easy management panel. Everything's one click away!

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Green energy

All servers we provide are powered with green energy.

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DDoS protection

All our servers come with a DDoS protection powered by Arbor Networks.

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Unlimited Bandwidth

No bandwidth limitation!

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Deploy your Websites quickly!

Our best-in-class WordPress solution, with easy add-ons and a lot of support, create your Website in a few minutes!

  • We've been supporting WordPress since the beginning.
  • Perfect for large sites or agencies managing multiple clients, but also for smaller ones!
  • With our easy to use management panel, you will never want to change.
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Powerful servers and platform

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Better security and faster servers

We are using top grade servers, and even if hackers get through the DDOS protection, the servers are so powerful you won't see the difference.

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Always on

Your server is always on. No matter the weather outside!

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Deployment within a few minutes

All our services feature automatic deployment. Once you have paid your server will automatically get deployed in a few minutes.

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