Work with the power of the cloud. Even if we're using High-End material, we'll provide you with low prices!

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VPS/VDS Hosting


Image Uptime
99.5% Uptime Guarantee

And if we have any issues, we directly get in touch with you!

Image security
Safe and Secured

Our team ensures your server is always safe and secure.

Image dedicated support
Dedicated Support

Finally, a host that is there for you.


Image easy management panel
Easy Management Panel

All our servers come with an easy management panel. You can restart, change your root password, reinstall another os, access VNC, in one click.

Image any system
Any system

You can choose between various systems in one click.

Image raw power
Powerful, nothing else.

All our servers come with what you asked, raw power.

Image no overselling
No overselling

We do not oversell our resources, our main goal is to make your experience the best possible.

Machine limits
What you cannot do on our machines.
We won't analyse what you're doing, but if we are contacted by the authorities, your machine is stopped immediately. If you're not sure, contact us.
Image illegal
Illegal download (e.g. P2P)

We hope you won't use our machines for downloading illegal content. If your P2P is legit, it's accepted.

Image adult content
+18 Content hosting

Hosting any pornographic content is strictly prohibited.

Image illegal
Illegal stuff in general.

You can't host any illegal stuff in general.

Image TOR
TOR exit nodes

Tor exit nodes are prohibited. Normal nodes are accepted.

There still are a lot of things to do! Like hosting games, websites, databases, using it as a proxy or VPN, hosting a cloud, backups, ...