Poli Systems - Factorio Hosting

Want to have your factory growing 24/7 with no limitations? Our servers won't be bottlenecking, your PC will.

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Factorio Hosting


99.5% Uptime Guarantee

And if we have any issues, we directly get in touch with you!

We know your game

Our team knows your game. We have created the Join and Play COOP! Servers!

Dedicated Support

Finally, a host that is there for you.


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Easy Management Panel

All our servers come with an easy management panel. You can switch versions, upload saves or send commands in just one click.

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NVMe SSD powered

All our game servers are using high-end NVMe SSDs

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Unlimited mods

Install any mods you want. The only limit is your server plan (storage).

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Ryzen CPUs

In our servers, you will use at least an AMD Ryzen 9 PRO 3900 BCLK 3.1GHz (turbo 4.3 GHz).

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Unlimited Bandwidth

No bandwidth limitation.

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Any versions

In two clicks, you can switch between experimental, latest or any other custom version.