S3 Hosting

High-end private S3 hosting, with triple replication, unlimited traffic and unlimited API requests which are free. Perfectly sutiable for Synology's HyperBackup.

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99.99% Uptime Guarantee

We ensure an availability of 99.99% throughout the year.

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Safe and Secured

Our team ensures your server is always in a secure place and a secure environment.

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Dedicated Support

We'll gladly answer your requests. Finally, a host that is there for you.

Multiple layers of security

Multiple layers of security

We know that using the same data center is not secure. That's why your data is backed up in three different physical locations.

  • Data located in Switzerland.
  • Saved in two different data centers.
  • Saved on at least 3 different hard drives, on 3 different machines, in 3 different racks.
  • The hard drives are encrypted in AES-256.


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Unlimited and completely free traffic.

Unlike our competitors, we do not impose any traffic limits.

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Complete confidentiality

Your data is located and encrypted in two Tier III+ data centers. All data is subject to Swiss data protection law and therefore only accessible with the explicit consent of a judge.

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Data located in Switzerland

Your data is exclusively stored in Switzerland in highly secure datacenters.

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No data loss

We constantly back up your data in three different physical locations.

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Whether you need 1 TB or 500 TB you can adapt your plan at any time.

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Green hosting

The electricity powering our servers is Green as possible, so you have a clear conscience.

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User's guide

In case you have never used an S3 service this guide might help you.

  • Understand what S3 is, its strengths/weaknesses.
  • Define use cases.
  • Discover your use case during the guide.
  • Find out how S3 can reduce your costs.
  • Simple first step with an interface.
First steps

Compatible with HyperBackup for Synology

Our S3 service is fully compatible with HyperBackup for Synology. It is very easy to configure it, you can find a guide here.

  • Easy restoration in case of loss.
  • Confidentiality guaranteed.
  • Fixed price.
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Yes, this service has no egress/ingress limit. If you buy 1 TB but you download or upload 10 TB per month it is not a problem.

In addition, there are no API request fees.

No, unlike our competitors we don't apply a buckets limit whether it is 10 or 10'000. For the moment we have not found the limit ourselves.

Our API is similar to S3's, but you can't change file permissions (ACL) or make them public.

We apply the limits of OpenStack available here.

No, unfortunately this is not possible due to openstack compatibility.

However you can create an S3 gateway and make a simple proxy of your private data.

Yes, that's the whole point of this service. If you want to make it simply connect our S3 backend to NextCloud for example.

Yes, that's right, thanks to our triple replication. Even if a datacenter burns down we will still have your data. This is a very interesting service for backups or mass storage. Here is a guide on how to set it up with your Synology NAS.

Yes, 256 TB, but to upload a file bigger than 5 GB you have to use a multipart upload.

Yes, contact our support with the plan of your choice.

Upload speed may vary, often the cause of slowdown is your machine because it has to hash the files.

Upload from 200 mbits to 2000 mbits, Download from 400 mbits to 8000 mbits.

For users outside the European Union, your speeds may be lower due to submarine cables and the distance between Switzerland and your country.

When you send your files to our S3 service, a server will copy your file to 2 other machines under specific conditions (not in the same rack, not in the same disk and not in the same location).