Who we are

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We are a Swiss company.

Our little company is based in Switzerland (therefore under Swiss Laws), and we sell servers worldwide. Our servers are in multiple locations.

  • The company was created in 2020 by a passionate team!
  • We have awesome employees that are dedicated to their work, and we value it.
  • We are maintaining a very low reply time, and our statistics get better every day.
  • Our customers are our main priority. We love to talk with them or help them out.

What makes us unique?


At first, we started this company because we are geeks, and we love to work with all technologies.


We wanted to create something strong, which is why we put so much effort into this company. And we will continue to ensure this level of quality.


We eat our own dog food. We don't like to be tracked, that's why we give our customers the same quality products that we use for ourselves.

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8 countries, 19 Locations

We have machines in 8 countries, Switzerland, Germany, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Poland, United-States and Luxemburg. With 7 locations in Switzerland, 5 locations in Germany, 2 location in the United-States, 1 location in France, 1 location in the UK, 1 location in Luxemburg 1 location in Poland and 1 location in Finland, we are making a difference.

We offer many locations, but on-demand, we mainly sell machines in Germany and Finland (main sites on the map).

Strict privacy policy

7 countries, 1 rule. Privacy, we are focused on it with rigorous privacy policies.

Swiss quality in mind

If we can't assure an excellent service, we don't offer it. It's simple as that.