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High fiability SSL certificates to protect your precious data transfers. Assured by Sectigo with insurance. 99.6% of Internet users inherently trust Sectigo Certificates - equivalent or better than VeriSign, GeoTrust or Godaddy.

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Domain SSL


Supports 2048-bit industry standard product with the support of both RSA and ECC hash algorithms

50'000$ Warranty

Express 5 min issuance

Covers www and non-www

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Wildcard SSL

PositiveSSL Wildcard

Unlimited sub-domain support, unlimited and free server licensing and no paperwork.

50'000$ Warranty

Express 5 min issuance

Covers all subdomains

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Custom certificates

Warranties up to 2'000'000$

Business and extended validation

Digicert, GeoTrust, Sectigo, Thwate, RapidSSL

Covers all needs for risky applications

On offer


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99.99% Uptime Guarantee

We ensure an availability of 99.99% throughout the year.

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Safe and Secured

Our team ensures your server is always in a secure place and a secure environment.

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Dedicated Support

We'll gladly answer your requests. Finally, a host that is there for you.


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Highly compatible

Sectigo is one of the most well known certificates provider. They have an 99.3% browser compatibility with excellent mobile device support.

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Unlimited and free reissues

Whenever you change your domain, or sub-domain the certificate can be renewed, with no additional cost.

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Unlimited server licensing

This certificate has no IP attachment, you can use it on any machines where you need it.

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No Paperwork

The two certificates we provide need no paper work, it can be directly delivred after your order.

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High warranty without any Paperwork. Sectigo offers a quality encryption of your traffic, that's why they offer a 50'000$ warranty if your certificate gets cracked. You can get more informations here.

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Trusted partner

As a trusted platinum partner for SSL certificates, we provide secure and reliable solutions to protect your website and online transactions.


No, wildcards only work on the first level of a subdomain, such as or They wouldn't work on

Note: you could order multiple wildcards for this usage. It's also possible to have multiple wildcards with the same certificates (custom order).

If a Certificate Authority fails to properly validate the information contained in a digital certificate, and this leads to money loss of an end user due to a fraudulent online credit card transaction, in that case the end user can claim for warranty compensation. This warranty is only payable if the end user is charged fraudulently. The certificate vendor is responsible for providing reimbursement according to its terms of service. Depending on the type of certificate, vendors offer different amounts of compensation.

The concerned certificate authority would be responsible for it (in our case, Sectigo).

More information can be found here.

The certificate can be used on anything compatible with it, in most cases they are used on webservers. A certificate is able to validate anything related to a domain.

Yes, and you can do it as much as you want, for free.

Yes, when you order you can see the promotions applied to multiple years orders.

Yes indeed, each year you would need to download the new certificate. Sadly, rules changed recently and it's now forced to renew it each time.

Let's Encrypt is an awesome service, however you don't get any warranties from them about the security of the certificate.

The certificate of Let's Encrypt is also secured but if anything happens, the responsible person is you.

Note that let's encrypt can also be annoying in some cases, for exemple when you try to sign a local service, a local domain. You also need to automate the renew of it, or you will need to change it every 90 days.

We prefer to offer an easy choice to the customer, but for some customers these offers are not applicable (more warranty or other).

That's why we offer custom certificates with high warranties. It can also heavily depend on the usage of the certificate.