Xeon Ceph VPS

Work with the power of the cloud. Even if we're using High-End material, we'll provide you with low prices! The Ceph VPS assures your data reliability. Everything is stored 3 times. Supposing the host node crashes, it will simply boot on another node a few seconds later. We assure this quality by using high-end Intel Xeon's Gold CPU's and DDR4 ECC ram and a redundant 10 GB/s internet connection on each node.

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99.5% Uptime Guarantee

And if we have any issues, we'll directly get in touch with you!

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Safe and Secured

Our team ensures your server is always in a secure place and a secure environment.

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Dedicated Support

Finally, a host that is there for you.

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Usage cases

Our Ceph VPS is built for maximum reliability. All your data is stored 3 times on 3 different servers.

  • - Sensitive data hosting
  • - Minimum downtime hosting
  • - Sensitive database hosting


NVMe SSD image
NVMe SSD's and stored 3 times

To prevent data loss, your data is saved 3 times on 3 different machines. (Note the I/O is slower because the disk is hosted on another node)

Block storage image
SSD HA Volumes

You can connect a block storage volume to get more room on your machine. Stored on SSD's and 3 different machines, it provides highly available and reliable storage. If you need to upgrade your block, simply open a ticket. At 0.081$ per GB

VPS Control Panel image
Easy Management Panel

All our servers come with an easy management panel. You can restart, change your root password, reinstall another os, access VNC, in one click.

High speed image
High-speed server

Imagine using a redundant 10 Gbit network connection. Stop dreaming - we have it! We do not apply any bandwidth restriction on the downloads.

Backups image

Pay 20% to get a backup every day, up to seven days! It will be stored on 3 other nodes, and it's easily restorable. (double security)

Floating ip image
Floating IPs

Assign floating IPs. So you can create a highly available server cluster!

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The power at your hands

A VPS is not only a simple virtual machine. You can create anything on it. We offer powerful VPS for any usage case. Look at the benchmark (S - Xeon Ceph).

  • Robust and entirely unmanaged.
  • Stable and reliable.
  • Proper speed and power.

An easy management panel

Having a server alone is great, but why not add a few features more with our panel? You can do the following :

  • Reinstall your VM
  • Stop/Start/Reboot your machine
  • Reset the ROOT password
  • Access a rescue VNC console
  • See VM stats (CPU, Network, PPS, I/O)
  • Manage your Volumes (optional)
  • Enable/Disable/Restore backups (optional)
  • Manage your Floating IPs (optional)
Machine limits
What you cannot do on our machines.
We believe in privacy, and we will never analyse what you are doing.
Image illegal
Illegal download (e.g. P2P)

We hope you won't use our machines for downloading illegal content. If your P2P is legit, it's accepted.

Image adult content
+18 Content hosting

Hosting any pornographic content is strictly prohibited.

Image Fake
Fake source IPs

You can't use any Fake source IPs or scan foreign networks or foreign IP addresses.

Image illegal
Illegal stuff in general.

You can't host any illegal stuff in general.

Image TOR
Tor nodes

Tor nodes are prohibited.

Image Crypto
Cryptocurrency services

Mine, or be an exchange of any cryptocurrency services. Contact us in case you are interested in running a cryptocurrency node.

There still are a lot of things to do! Like hosting games, websites, databases, using it as a private proxy or VPN, hosting a cloud, backups, ...

Multiple locations

2 countries, 3 Locations

We offer our VPS machines in 3 locations. Every location is connected using high-speed links to ensure the lowest ping possible between them.

Strict privacy policy

In those 2 countries, we offer the same level of privacy. No compromises; the same rules apply everywhere.