You can now change the language on the game server manager

We are happy to announce that we now support both English and French on our game server manager.

Like all our updates on this panel, this went through live migration without a hitch!

You can find the option to choose your language in your account settings in the game server management panel.

New version of our game management panel

We have just deployed the new version of our game server management panel, with many more new features, check it out!

It's already fully available to all our clients.

The panel is also now available in the new and the old layout, you can easily switch it in your profile of the game manager panel.

New Management portal - My Manager

We are excited to announce our new "Manager".Our team has put a lot of work to deploy our new version of our management interface.We had a lot of customer feedback about our management interface, mainly that it was confusing to make the distinction between and the management portal our new client area will ...