Maintenance of the billing system Resolved
Priority - Low Affecting System - Billing System

Français en dessous, English below

During this timeframe we will apply updates to our billing system. You may experience short interuptions on the billing system, however note that no service will be impacted. Only the billing interface will have some updates.

The update has been done, you can now profit of new freatures on the VPS mangement system.

Pendant cette période, nous appliquerons des mises à jour à notre système de facturation. Il se peut que vous subissiez de brèves interruptions dans le système de facturation, mais aucun service ne sera affecté. Seule l'interface de facturation sera mise à jour.

La mise à jour a été faite, vous pouvez maintenant bénéficier de nouvelles fonctionnalités sur le système de gestion des VPS.

One server has lost network connectivity Resolved
Priority - Critical Affecting Server - sbz-unt-gene-dp-01 WebHosting 1

Our monitoring server recently alerted us that one of our web servers is currently down.

We are working closely with our on-site team to restore it as soon as possible.


UPDATE 8:29 :

The websites are accessible again, we are still checking what happened.


UPDATE 9:03 :

Our engineers will monitor the server closely, it looks like it was bound to a kernel bug.
Our team fixed the issue and will continue to monitor this machine closely.
The on-perm staff is also ready if it occurs again.




SSO login offline Resolved
Priority - Medium Affecting System - Game Panel

This issue has been resolved, it was due to some issues with the cache of our game panel.
We thank you for your patience.


We are aware of some SSO login issues with our game panel (

Our team is currently investigating the problem with our partner for the game panel.
We hope to have this resolved tomorrow in the night.

We will update this post once we get an update from them, for now please use the normal login and press "Struggling to login" if you don't remember your password.

Log4J security issue Resolved
Priority - Medium Affecting System - Apache2

The log4j issue on Apache can't be exploited on our machines because we use nginx directly as a reverse proxy and apache is accessible only locally.
We also don't have any java applications in our infrastructure except minecraft. For security reasons apache was still patched.